Our Promise


bees are the priority

Osmia Bee Company puts the health of bees at the forefront of every decision. Our aim is to support native bees by showing gardeners how easy & effective raising solitary bees can be, and how by raising, we can increase their populations.

bees are wild, not domestic

Our priority is to provide the healthiest bees to our customers, as well as the healthiest products for the bees. While we put all of our efforts towards this, there are many environmental and natural causes that prevent all bees from nesting and thriving in the habitat you’ve purchased.

Some causes to consider that may force the bees fly to another location or not nest are:

1) insecticides on or near the property
2) lack of pollen sources
3) lack of mud for mason bees or supple leaves for leafcutter bees
4) improper assembly of habitat or preemptive or delayed cocoon placement in shelter
5) temperatures or climate issues
6) pests such as birds, other insects, rodents, or disease