Raise native bees in your backyard.
It's easier than you think.


Who we are.

The Osmia Bee Company provides everything you need to raise bees native to North America right in your backyard. These gentle mega-pollinators are low maintenance, but extremely effective at helping the surrounding vegetation thrive. Whether you are a farmer, home gardener or hobbyist, raising bees is easy and fun.


What we do.

We work with local Amish Craftsmen to create sustainable bee shelters filled with the highest quality materials, and providing bee cocoons from our own local bee bank. Not all bee raising kits are created equally--and many are actually dangerous for the health of bees, like the ones you might see at craft and home improvement stores. The products we make are a direct result of intensive research done through the USDA, BeeLab in Logan, Utah, Oregon State University, and our own experience of raising native bees over the past 7 years.

Why we do it.

Bees account for 1/3 of the world’s food production, but bee populations in North America have been declining since the 90s. We want to help increase the native bee populations in the United States and raise awareness for these gentle pollinators. After all, their survival is directly linked to our own.

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create a bee habitat in 4 steps

Bee cocoons will safely arrive in the mail in the spring for mason bees or summer for leafcutter bees. We customize each order to your region's temperature conditions. When you've prepared your garden with flowering plants, warm weather, and a shelter & nest, it's time to place your cocoons out and watch the stingless bees emerge.

Our Partners

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